Vantage Consulting 
Group news about economy: investments, finance.

Vantage provides corporate financial advisory service,
In the submission and approval of projects in BNDES and
FINEP, for long-term fundraising. Therefore, we prepared technical project
economic and financial viability for credit lines that allow the best framework
of the operation, negotiate terms and rates with the Financial Institution and
provide advice on the composition of collateral and physical and financial
evidence of financial resources.
In developing projects to obtain state and / or municipal
tax incentives for installing or expanding companies. These incentives can be
through the effective reduction of rates of VAT and / or incremental tax
financing, depending on the project location. Still, there are several
industrial districts of municipalities where they are transferred without
costs, land for companies setting up. To have access to such areas presenting a
economic viability of the project is necessary, demonstrating the
pontencialidade generation of income and employment for the region. Vantage
helps in capturing these incentives.
In assisting in preparation of the environmental
licensing  process in order to give
flexibility to issue environmental permits. We follow up the issue of the
license by the competent body.
In consulting  for
companies in the information technology 
with software licensing and deployment of business in technological
In the  implementation
of advisory franchises and formatting of business companies wishing to settle
in Brazil or the United States.
We aim to provide quality advice, with ethics and
objectivity, which meets the expectations of our customers, and thus contribute
in the best possible way to achieve these goals. Rod Salazar, associate
administrator, businessman and trader Stock Exchange, specializing in Finance.
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